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Don’t let the cheesy title chase you away— beautiful examples of faithful and intentional couples. Will we use our marriage for ourselves or for God’s glory?  

"serving God really takes a lot of submission and it takes a lot of sort of repetitious, unglamorous work… and we have to be willing to make ourselves nothing at times.. and he blesses those efforts in the end."

"if married people want to know how to missional, theres about 3000 verses in the bible that deal with poverty and injustice. pick one and build your life around it - you’ll be in the center of God’s will."

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I went to youth group today and found out two things

1) the kids I once had in my 4/5 year old VBS class are now in middle school

2) freshmen in high school were born in 2000.

Im assuming the shock and the feeling of getting old that follows will only get worse from here on

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"숨겨둔 마음의 상처는 언제든 반드시 사람을 병들게 하지. 그게 무서운거고…"

-괜찮아 사랑이야

I know this is from a drama haha but I find a lot of truth and significance to this quote. 

English: “Hidden hurts/scars in your heart will always come back and make you sick/ill. And that’s the scary part…”

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"Almost is never enough" - Ariana Grande

I hate the way she cant enunciate her words haha but I really really like this song from her first album.

Listening to it has made me think about the concept of “almost”…

& Its crazy how the word “almost” can mean everything when you’ve been spared from a bad thing (“I almost got in to an accident, but thank God I didn’t!”). But it means absolutely nothing when you’re just close to a good thing (“I almost won the game but I didnt.”).

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“I’ve poked my head into theaters in L.A. for that moment just to hear people gasp,” director Marc Webb tells EW. “It’s fascinating. People just don’t believe it.” Webb understands. He felt much the same way when Gwen Stacy was killed off in the comic. “It stayed with me in a profound way. It broke me. I was anxious and curious to explore it on the screen. From the very beginning I planned on doing it,” he says. “For me, everything in the movie was built around that moment. There’s a cost to being a hero.”

But there was another theme that greatly interested Webb: “[The movie] is also about time and about valuing the time you have with the one you love,” he says. He points out that the very first shot of the film is a ticking clock, and that its first line is Richard Parker saying, “I wish I had more time.” Time is the underlying theme of Gwen’s valedictorian speech, and her last fateful moments take place where? At a clock tower.  “Ultimately, it’s not the Goblin that kills Gwen,” says Webb. “They’re fighting in the cogs, in the machinery of the clock tower, and Spider-Man puts his foot in between the cogs and literally tries to stop time. That’s what causes her death—his inability, despite his enormous efforts, to stop time.”


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My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor be weary when reproved by Him. For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and chastises every son whom He receives. (Hebrews 12:5-6)


If we have only a shallow experience of sanctification, we mistake the shadow for the reality,…

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I meet Christians who are stiff, twitchy, restrained, and really dang hard on themselves for offending the very serious things of God — and while I admire their passion, I can hardly stand to be around them.

They have to spiritualize everything and tend to measure other people on some…

"Being “convicted” and “wrecked” all the time is too easy. Being cynical of church culture is too easy. Saying that we can “abuse grace” and “God is holy wrath” is too easy. Saying “you better not come at me with that guilt-fear-shame” is too easy.

You know what’s hard?

A balanced, thoughtful, nuanced, self-examining faith.”

something to think about. a lot.

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"Cloudy as this psalm seems, we shouldn’t miss the most obvious point. Yes, the psalmist says his soul is full of troubles, that his life draws near to the grave, that he feels like a dead man, like one forgotten, that it seems as if God has isolated him in regions dark and deep, that he’s drowning, that he can’t escape, that his life is a horror, that he is cast down, unheard, afflicted, shunned — but he’s telling this all to God.

He is still speaking — from the pain, in the pain, through the pain. Even if by the faintest whispers, even if by the incoherent groans of a troubled soul, he looks to heaven and says, This is where I’m at, God. This is how dark it feels.”